(905) 646-0063   574 Carlton St.

Bunting & Carlton Medical Clinic Services

Walk-In, Urgent Care and Family Practice

  • Urgent Care and Walk-in Services:
    • Wound suturing and dressings
    • Muscle and joint strains and sprains
    • Foreign body removed ENT, eyes, skin
    • All non-emergent acute Medical, Surgical, Paediatric, OB/GYN and Psychosocial problems
    • Prescription refills (excluding narcotics,nerve and sleeping pills except for our family practice patients-please contact our staff  before a visit regarding this service if you have any questions)
    • STD screening and treatments
    • Allergy and intramuscular injections
    • Wart and skin tag removal (a fee may apply)
    • Joint fluid aspiration and injections
    • Ear wax syringing
    • Pregnancy tests
    • Immunizations
    • Treatment of Urinary Tract Infections
    • Treatment of coughs and colds
    • Physicals and Pap test
    • Flu shots
    • Referrals to Specialists (at Doctor's Discretion)
    • Photocopies (Clinic form)
    • Faxing (Clinic form)
    • Transfer of medical records
    • Immunization record
    • Fit for Travel note
    • Travel Cancellation form
    • Camp Physical
    • Pre-employment, School and Insurance forms
    • Physiotherapy note
    • Massage Therapy note
    • Uninsured Visit
    • Attending Physician Statement
  • Uninsured services:
    • School/work note
    • TB (Step One)
    • TB (Step Two)
    • Drivers Physical
    • Visit w/o Health Card
    • Drivers Physical
    • Work Physical
    • Travel Consultation
    • Transfer of Medical Records
    • Medical Legal Report
    • Uninsured Vaccinations
    • Call 905-646-0063 for prices 
  • Family Practice
    • Comprehensive Family Practice
    • Preventive Health Screening and Education
    • Periodic Health Physical Examinations
  • Other Services:
    • WSIB
    • Automobile Injuries
    • Sports Physicals
    • Pre-travel Physicals and Vaccinations
  • We offer DNA Testing for: Relationship, Ancestry, Inherited Diseases, Health and Wellness etc
    • We offer 25 different DNA tests from Relationship DNA Testing to Genetics and from Ancestry to Health and Wellness
    • There are many types of DNA tests that people  require in daily lives but mainly we have listed them in different categories
    • Relationship DNA Testing-It is required to find out a biological relationship between different individuals.There are many types of relationship DNA tests like-
    • Private Paternity DNA Test-father and child-Peace of mind -$550
    • each additional child -$250
    • Legal Paternity DNA Test-father and child -court purposes-$1000
    • each additional child-$400
    • Legal Maternity DNA Test-Mother and child-$1000
    • each additional child-$400
    • Sibling DNA Test-between siblings-$800
    • each additional child-$400
    • Twin DNA Test-identical vs fraternal-$800
    • each additional child-$400
    • Grandparent DNA Test-grandparent and child-$800
    • each additional child-$400
    • Uncle/Aunt DNA Test-father's sibling and a child-$800
    • each additional child-$400
    • Genetic Testing-There are various types of genetic testing available to find out your genetic make up, for example  carrier DNA test to find out about  inherited diseases, diet and fitness .DNA Test to find out what you should eat based on your DNA
    • Carrier Status DNA Test-covers over 120 inherited diseases-$1000
    • Diet and Fitness DNA Test-Diet and exercise  plans based on your DNA-$1000
    • Healthy weight Analysis-your own weight loss program-$1000
    • Cardiac DNA-Get your personalized  genetic report that offers insight into your heart-related health conditions-$1000
    • Fit IQ-Fitness DNA-$1000
    • Sports IQ-Sports and athletic body DNA-$1000
    • Nutrition IQ-For Diet and Nutrition Intake-$1000
    • Healthy Weight DNA Insight-Get the best of your body for your own weight loss program-$1000
    • Healthy Woman DNA Insight-Specialized for Women for their own weight loss journey-$1000
    • Gluten Sensitivity DNA-Discover your genetic risk for celiac-related Gluten Sensitivity-$1000
    • Skin Care DNA -$1000
    • DNA Skin Fit-Comprehensive analysis of the genetic markers that  influence your skin's potential.Detailed findings on common skin conditions-$1200
    • HST is additional on all fees
    • Note-all test results will be forwarded to the email provided in the consent form completed by the customer.We do not mail hard copies because of the sensitivity of the information
    • Disclaimer-Please consult your Physician or Medical Care Provider before making any decision based on all  DNA Test results
    • Please contact us for more information about these private services
    • Prices may change without advanced notice depending on current logistical conditions.


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Office Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm 

weekend: closed 

Phone: 905-646-0063

Fax:     905-646-0084

Location: 574 Carlton St. St Catharines 

We are open to see booked and walk-in patients in the shortest possible time.

walk-in patients to call ahead before coming to our clinic due to the current COVID-19 pandemic

There is no waiting for patients who need urgent care.

We Care About Your Health

Bunting & Carlton Medical Clinic is a new state-of-the-art Medical clinic in St. Catharines.
It is located on a major intersection of Bunting Road & Carlton Street and a prime section of the city, offering fully Computerized Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.
We have enough space to accommodate 4 physicians.
There are ample parking spots and our facility is wheel chair accessible.

                                                                         ---- BUNTING & CARLTON MEDICAL CLINIC

Important Phone Numbers:

  • Emergency: 9-1-1  
  • Niagara Regional Police: 905-688-4111
  • Telehealth Ontario: 1-866-79-0000
  • Public Health: 1-800-263-7248 www.regional.niagara.on.ca
  • Poison Control: 1-800-268-9017
  • Family and Children Services: 905-937-7731
  • Women's Place: 905-684-8331